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Due to shortage of funds, there is a temporary hold on new requests. Please check back in August.

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Facing unemployment?

Navigating applications for unemployment compensation and other benefits can be daunting. Alumni working in legal aid recommend the following resources:

Additional Resources

COVID-19 Support Resources offered by City of Philadelphia, Montgomery and Delaware Counties. List compiled by Haverford's Health Advocate.

As of July 22, the Fund has received $52,426 in donations and disbursed $47,180 to employees in need. Requests for support are substantial and ongoing.

What is the HC Employee Relief Fund and why is it needed?

The Fund provides direct economic relief to Haverford employees facing COVID-19-related economic hardships.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Haverford College community is substantial. However, the precariousness the pandemic brings to the lives of college workers is not always immediately visible and may take a variety of forms. The College has worked hard to avoid furloughs. Employees with fixed schedules continue to receive base pay. However, a number of hourly employees who have long relied on overtime to make ends meet are now experiencing significant budget shortfalls. Employees whose roles are linked to seasonal activities on campus have lost opportunities to work as these events moved online or were cancelled altogether. Still others have partners who have lost their jobs, resulting in a severe blow to their household income. Other precarious employees include contingent (visiting) faculty and some grant-funded staff whose contracts expire(d) this summer. A number of these individuals are now unemployed, lack health insurance or face exorbitant costs to sustain it, and/or have lost access to college housing in the midst of a pandemic in which safety hinges upon housing and access to health care. Hiring freezes across the higher education sector have worsened an already tight job market and the seasonality of academic hiring means that they are likely to be out of work for a year or more. Finally, all employees and their families remain vulnerable to COVID-19. Some have loved ones who are ill with the virus or other serious conditions that jeopardize their ability to survive and thrive. What’s clear is that COVID-19 is both generating new vulnerabilities and exacerbating existing economic inequalities.

Though the College has taken measures to support precarious employees during the pandemic, these employees have additional needs. In the spirit of solidarity and collective care, a group of concerned Haverford faculty, staff, and alumni have joined forces to create a relief fund for college employees confronting serious threats to their economic livelihoods. We see this fund as a form of mutual aid: community helping community, with the understanding that we can all face unexpected challenges.

This fund is administered by a committee of Haverford College staff, faculty, and alumni. Though it has been designed by members of the Haverford College community for the sake of college employees, the fund itself is independent of College. It is our hope that this fund exemplifies the values of mutual care and support that we cherish here at Haverford College.

Who can apply for funds?

Requests may be submitted by any current or recent employee of the College who is facing financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This hardship could stem from:

  • loss of income from a College job due to furlough or reduced hours

  • loss of income from a second job outside the College

  • reduction in household income due to unemployment of a spouse or another individual who regularly contributes to household expenses

  • new expenses directly related to the COVID-19 (medical care, funeral, etc.)

Students (including those who hold campus jobs) are not eligible for support from this fund. Students facing financial hardship are encouraged to contact their Dean or LIFTFAR for assistance.

What expenses can the Fund help to cover?

The Fund seeks to help employees of the College maintain physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Eligible expenses include but are not limited to: rent or mortgage payment, groceries, childcare or eldercare, transportation; health insurance premiums and copays; utilities including phone, home internet, PECO and water; legal fees or court fines; student loan payments and minimum payments on credit card balances; moving expenses, and funeral expenses. If you need help with something that is not on this list, please ask and the Committee will seriously consider your request.

Who will see my request? How will it be reviewed?

Requests for support from the fund are confidential. This means the Fund will not disclose the names of anyone who applies for support.

Requests are reviewed anonymously. This means that the people who read the application and make a decision about whether to allocate funds will not know the name of the person requesting them.

Step 1. The Request Manager receives the application (via Google Form or phone), removes the name and assigns an ID number, and forwards the anonymized application to the Review Committee. The Request Manager is NOT a member of the Review Committee and does not read the application before passing it along.

Step 2. The Review Committee evaluates the request and decides whether to fund it in full, in part, or not at all, depending on the amount of money in the Fund and the volume of other requests received. The Review Committee informs the Request Manager of the decision.

Step 3. The Request Manager provides the Treasurer with the recipient's name, contact information, and the amount to be disbursed. The Treasurer contacts the recipient to ask how they want to receive the money (typically via PayPal or paper check) and disburses the funds accordingly. The Treasurer does not have access to the details of the individual's application.

Timeframe: The Review Committee meets once per week. If your request is urgent, please indicate this in the application form.

Fund Administration and Transparency

The Fund grew out of a voluntary initiative to support contingent faculty, fixed-term staff, and employees in all categories who are facing increased expenses or loss of income due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This group joined forces with a small contingent of alumni who, having formed close relationships with staff while working on campus during their undergrad years, are eager to support College employees experiencing financial hardship during this time. The Fund is managed by a team of faculty, staff, and alumni. Individuals who wish to become involved with the Fund may reach out to any member of the team to express interest and discuss opportunities to help.

Summer 2020 team

Review Committee: Craig Borowiak, Tamar Hoffman '16, Claudia Kent, Kelsey Owyang '16, Gus Stadler, Charles Young

Treasurer (and Paypal account holder): Raji Mohan

Request Manager: Anna West

General inquiries

Email: hcemployeerelieffund@gmail.com

Financial transparency

The Fund launched on June 1, 2020. Monthly financial reports reflecting aggregate contributions received and resources will be prepared and published here. No donor or recipient names will appear in the report.